Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kitchen Hoopin'
My super fabulous rainbow hoop was created by Hoopnotica.
I highly recommend their quality hoops & products!

One of my personal Endo side effects is hula hoop withdrawal. 

For years, my endo symptoms would disrupt one week of every month. That was difficult, but the remaining three weeks still belonged to me. I was relieved by the end of each treacherous week, and appreciated the rest of the month that much more. Unfortunately, when my Endo progressed into daily agony, life as I knew it changed. Among other usual endeavors (including work), I was forced to park my hoop in the corner. It's likely temporary. Still, my idle hoop makes me gloomy. 

When my health deteriorated, I realized how many aspects of my daily life I took for granted. I didn't appreciate oodles of moments & activities. Now that I'm here, I have to accept the reality of my current condition. In the meantime, I am utilizing positive visualization to imagine myself, post surgery, recovering & giggling with my sparkly hoop dancin' around my hips.

Hopin' to be hoopin',


Alanna Klapp said...

I love this and the pic! I hope we can be hoppin soon!!!

Alanna Klapp said...

Duh, I meant hoopin, not hoppin.

Jenn said...

Actually, I like it! I hope we can hoop AND hop soon.

We could get pogo sticks...