Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's get back to talking about Endo.

Today I added the Create Endometriosis Awareness & Understanding petition to the blog. You can find it down on the right side. Please click the link to sign our petition, I just did.

The petition was started by my new Endo Friendo Jeanne, to raise awareness about the facts regarding Endo. An estimated 89 million women have this disease, yet many people know nothing (or worse yet, they know false information) about Endo.

Thanks to Jeanne for sharing the information & link for the petition. Let me know if you are interested in posting the petition on your page. Everyone is encouraged to sign it, not just fellow Endo sufferers. Thank you for your support Friendos! Together, we really can make a difference.


Jeanne said...


Thank you so much for this post and for posting the blog badge for the endometriosis awareness petition on your blog's sidebar!

It makes my day each time someone helps spread the world about this petition because we have already put it to use. For example, we used it to pressure the media to correct endo misinformation that was printed in a syndicated column that was written (full of errors) by a gynecologist.

We've already used the petition to counteract endometriosis misinformation and promote awareness and understanding of endometriosis in other ways too.

We will continue to do so. The more signatures we get on the petition, the stronger a tool it becomes!

As you know, there is a comment field option for those who wish to add a comment when they sign the petition (which is totally optional). Since you posted a public comment and have mentioned your number on the petition here, I thought I'd copy/paste your awesome comment here so that your readers can see it:

"I have lived with Endometriosis for over ten years. I have suffered & it has taken a toll on my entire life & my family. There are still too many myths & misinformation in the public. It is very difficult to receive proper care & treatment. Educating the public is necessary to help spread the truth & provide women with the best tools to care for themselves. Please help us promote the truth about Endo".

As you mentioned in your post, ANYONE who wishes to support the endometriosis cause can sign the petition.

The more voices are heard... the more effective the petition will be.

Again, leaving comments on the petition is optional. There are also options (for privacy) to leave off personal information such as geographical location or even name.

As we continue to accumulate more signatures, the petition becomes a more powerful tool for spreading endometriosis facts and counteracting endometriosis myths and misinformation.

The petition is not aligned with any endometriosis organization, drug company, etc. It is simply endo patients and those who support them speaking up for endometriosis awareness and understanding.

89 million women and girls living with endometriosis is the conservative estimate. Some sources cite much higher numbers. Too many people are suffering due to endometriosis.

Again, an estimated 89 MILLION women and girls worldwide have endometriosis! "This makes endometriosis more common than AIDS and more common than cancer", as per Ohio State University Medical Center.

Endometriosis patients and their loved ones (who are most certainly impacted by the illness as well) are demanding that the facts about endometriosis be disseminated and that the rampant misinformation about endometriosis be called out for what it is.

As you said, Jenn, it really is true that together we can make a difference.

Thank you again for posting this!!


Jenn said...

Thank you Jeanne! I am proud to sign my name to the petition. I was excited to see that someone else signed right after I did.

I appreciate that the petition is not aligned with any Endo organization & is supported by fellow Endo sisters & others sympathetic to the cause.

I know it is difficult to truly assess how many women are living with Endo. If it was possible to account for everyone - the misdiagnosed, the not-yet-diagnosed, the sufferers who have never heard of Endo etc., I'm sure the number would greatly increase. That's one of the many reasons why this petition is so important.

I'm happy to share the petition link on my blog, and look forward to seeing the number grow & grow.

Thanks Jeanne!

Alanna Klapp said...

Hi Jenn I will sign the petition and post a link to your blog post and to the petition on my blog.

Jeanne said...


I just saw that you tweeted this link.



Thank you too!

Jenn said...

My pleasure Jeanne!

And thank you Alanna!! I appreciate you helping spread the word!