Monday, April 26, 2010

Speaking of constipation...

(Disclosure) I realize that some of my posts may be TMI. Here's the thing, Endo is not pretty. Believe me in other contexts, I wouldn't get into all of this with random people.

But this is my blog about living with Endo & I've got a tip worth sharing. Especially if you are a bathroom reader like moi.

One major consequence of my Endo is that my bowel is entangled with my uterus. Bowel movements are often excruciating.

Now, I have always been one to read while I sit on the commode. It runs in my family. Actually, it's more like I have to read in there. I'll make do with a shampoo bottle or soap dispenser if nothing else is available.

Anyway, here's my tip. I started doing sudoku puzzles on the potty. It helps me focus on something other than the pain. I don't have time to suffer, I have an important goal to complete. This is tricky work folks, one wrong number & you screw up the entire puzzle!

I discovered finishing my business and completing an easy level sudoku, often time up the same. Sometimes it takes more than one.

I keep my small book with attached pencil on the shelf in our bathroom. Oh, and I keep my big fat book in the living room with the other magazines.

...I guess I really like sudoku. It's something from my "normal" life I can still do.

Here's a link to a free sudoku site, if you want to play. Here's a description of how to play, in case you need some tips. If you have this predicament, maybe a sudoku might distract you too.


Alanna Klapp said...

Jenn, this is great, thanks for posting! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who reads the backs of bottles if there's nothing else at the time to read in the bathroom. ;-) I'm also glad you found something to help distract you from the horrible pain. You go, girl! And I love the line, "I don't have time to suffer." What a great attitude you have!

Jenn said...

Thanks Alanna!

I love it, you read bottles too! :)

Alanna Klapp said...

Of course, right? ;-)