Thursday, May 6, 2010

I had my pre-admission testing at the hospital today. The nurses were kind, they looked me in the eyes when they spoke. One of them quickly mentioned that I would be staying in the hospital for overnight. Wait...what??

My laps have always been outpatient. So it turns out I incorrectly assumed this one would be too. But it's not. And I'm wishing my doctor would have already mentioned it. My pre-op appointment is Friday, I guess he was waiting to discuss it then.

This took my breath away & changed my whole perspective. I would've appreciated more time to accept it.

But it is logically for the best. I'm going to make peace with it...tomorrow...or the next day.


Jeanne said...


Try not to get worked up about it. I'm glad you see the doctor Friday so you'll be able to ask questions. I generally type a list so I don't forget anything. If possible, take someone with you to the pre-op appointment.

Hang in there!


Jeanne said...


Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. :)


Jenn said...

Thanks Jeanne!

I know it's for the best to stay overnight & that it will be fine.

I'll probably feel better after my appointment tomorrow.

I'm hanging in! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,

I think because of the fibroid removal and the possible unilateral oopherectomy, you will be required to stay overnight so that they can pump you full of antibiotics and monitor your temp to be sure of no infection! I think you are in wonderful hands!!! Or actually in robotic arms!!!! lol


Jenn said...

Thank you Tracy!

Isn't it crazy to think about being in a robot's hands?! :) I feel like Jane Jetson.

At my pre-op appointment, doc actually said I probably won't have to stay. I'm fine with either way now. As long as I'm horizontal & heavily medicated somewhere clean, I'm good.

Can't wait to be on the other end of this!

Alanna Klapp said...

"I'm horizontal & heavily medicated somewhere clean"

What an apt choice of words.

Keep hanging in there!!!!