Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm preparing myself for the next few weeks & the continuation of my hermit-ish life.

On Mother's Day, I got out of the house & visited Borders with my family. I love aimless bookstore-strolling adventures. Happily, I stumbled upon a great deal on one of Dr. Wayne Dyer's CD collections, The Secrets of an Inspirational (In-Spirit) Life. I have been listening for a few days & I am enjoying it immensely.

I've also been perusing my own bookshelves, looking for books I have already bought, but haven't yet read, to enjoy. (Sometimes, I buy several books at once & take awhile to get to them all). Of no coincidence, today I discovered my unread copy of Dr. Dyer's book Inspiration on my shelves & realized it is the book on which he based these CDs. It seems to be the exact right moment in my life to hear his inspirational messages. (And how exciting it came to me in two formats!) His book has patiently waited on the shelf & I'm excited to open the cover & finally float inside.

It's so funny, I just listened last night to the incredible story about the butterfly on the cover. And I still didn't realize I had the book upstairs.

I'm already feeling more peaceful & (truly) inspired. I just love Dr. Dyer!