Monday, May 10, 2010

Jin Shin Jyutsu in the privacy of my home. I'm a lucky girl!

The surgery countdown is already at two days. I guess time flies even when you're not having fun.

Another pre-surgery routine of mine involves the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Have you heard of it? (I’ll try to provide a brief description, though I fear I won’t do it justice). The intention of Jin Shin is to balance energies for healing & good health. Practitioners gently & intuitively place their hands or fingertips on various spots along energy pathways. They feel for the energy pulses & if they discover a blocked area, they send energy to that location. Blocked energies create disharmony, accruals of funk. Jin Shin helps restore the body's natural balance.

During my first session the practitioner sensed a few energy blockages, all occurring on my left side. He consulted his book & discussed the obstructed areas & their corresponding meanings. Jin Shin encourages self help, so he taught me where to place my hands to send energy to these stagnant areas. I was in awe of the session. I felt the cadence of my inner euphony.

The session occurred about a month before my second laparoscopy. He advised me to have at least one more session beforehand. I saw him again the day before my procedure. He taught me a Jin Shin sequence my husband could utilize in the recovery room & at home to aid my healing called Opposite Fingers and Toes. Click here for a helpful chart & description.

I do believe Jin Shin Jyutsu brought me energy, light & a speedier recovery. (See this post for more details about my second lap recovery). My doctor explained after the surgery nearly all of my endo issues were on my left side: nearly all of my endo growths, large fibroid & cystic ovary. I realized it was no coincidence that my energy blockages occurred on my left side too.

Because of my positive experience with pre-surgery Jin Shin, I scheduled an appointment for my son before his tonsillectomy. Afterwards, he succinctly relayed his experience. He said it was the first time his entire body felt as one. He was not made of individual parts - arms, legs, fingers – but one flow of energy. I understood as I recalled my own harmonizing experience. (I gotta say, I was quite impressed with his description. It's hard to put into words).

I also recommended Jin Shin to my aunt, and she began studying the art shortly after her first session. So I’m blessed with my very own in-the-family practitioner. She even makes house calls! We have three specific appointments during the week prior to surgery & a few sessions after surgery. I can’t yet explain all the intricacies, and it isn’t necessary that I can. I just get to close my eyes, relax & receive the benefits. Jin Shin providers also experience the advantages; they are energized, not drained, from administering a session. How awesome is that! Win-win situations are my favorite.

If you would like more details about Jin Shin Jyutsu, I recommend this website: http://jinshinjyutsu.com/

As I was writing, this beautiful song (With My Own Two Hands - Ben Harper & Jack Johnson) was playing in my head. So I wanted to share it too. (And I love the accompanying video).

Hope you enjoy friendos!


Jeanne said...


This sounds amazing!! I have heard of various types of healing energy but I had never heard of this before. You know that I want someone to come to my house and do this now, right? :)

So, is this something you do regularly (not just for surgery prep)?

It sounds awesome!

I could relate to the part about where it helped you so then you used it for your son.

Acupuncture has helped me IMMENSELY. So, when my daughter's asthma had gotten really, really bad and all the allergist/asthma specialist seemed to want to do was drug her up, my husband and I decided to start her on acupuncture.

She was on five medications a day (counting the nebulizer and inhaler) when she started acupuncture. We saw immediate results. Now, she is medication free with no asthma symptoms.

One acupuncture treatment made a noticeable difference. In fact, she hasn't used the inhaler or nebulizer since that first acupuncture appointment 3 years ago. (She was using them DAILY). We gradually tapered her off the other meds with her pediatrician's approval.

We get Japanese-style acupuncture. I love the way your son described how Jin Shin Jyutsu makes him feel. It's hard to describe how acupuncture makes you feel too. Really good!!

Where did you hear of this? I looked at the site. It looked interesting.

Good for you! I think it's awesome that you are doing so much to prepare your body for surgery. That's great!


Jeanne said...


Great video too!


Jenn said...


My aunt moved back home this summer so I have been getting more frequent treatments, not just for surgery prep.

That is so amazing to hear how acupuncture has helped your daughter!! How wonderful!

I worked at a holistic wellness center a few years ago with the Jin Shin practitioner, so that's how I first heard about it. There was also a great Reiki practitioner there. Have your heard of Reiki? There are some similarities, both energy work.

Jin Shin has made a huge difference for me. I'm happy you were able to check out the website. It provides great information. You may be able to find a practitioner near you! Reiki seems to be more common, so that's another possibility. I've heard it's even possible to receive Reiki from a distance.

Thanks for your comments!