Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My surgery is tomorrow. One more day.

Today is an all liquid diet day. You'd laugh if you saw how stocked my fridge is with fluids. It's just one day, after all. I've also got jello, vegetable broth & popsicles. I'm irrationally afraid I will forget & eat something solid or have a drink after midnight. I'm ridiculous.

I will be starting my bowel prep shortly, and therefore I won't be leisurely sitting at the computer today.

I have only done one other bowel prep. It was in February for my third lap. This time I know what to expect...and it ain't fun. I'm as prepared as I can be - I cleaned the bathroom last night, have a delicious smelling candle, gentle wipes, reading material, sudoku book & vomit bucket. I'm already wearing the Sea-Bands & I'm praying they'll help with the queasiness. 

Let's get this shit over with...literally.

I want to thank my friendo Jeanne for sharing her post about bowel preps with me. You can find it here. Thanks to Jeanne, I do not have to drink the Golytely my doctor originally prescribed. I asked him at my pre-op appointment if I could instead take Dulcolax + Miralax mixed in blue Gatorade. He said either way was fine. He wouldn't have provided it as an option if I hadn't had been informed about it. Yet another example of why you have to do your own research & be your own advocate!

Thanks again Jeanne! You (& your blog) are the best!!

Wish me luck friendos. Thanks for your support!


Jeanne said...


Best of luck with the prep and your surgery tomorrow!!

Hopefully this prep will be better for you. I've talked with several people who prefer it greatly over some of the other ones.

I know what you mean about stocking up on jell-o and broth. You should have seen me the last time I prepped. I don't know how I thought I'd consume it all! :)

I've heard Sea-Bands are helpful for people. I've never tried them... but I have done acupressure on my wrist (which basically does the same thing, I think).

The Miralax prep was BY FAR the least nauseating. In fact, I was doing REALLY well until I made the mistake of taking my medications (that I take in the evening). I ended up wishing I had skipped them because they came back up anyway!

Once I took the meds and the nausea kicked in... well, let's just say taking the meds was a mistake.

Thank you for your kind words.

You just take good care of yourself! I know you're not thrilled about staying overnight but they must have their reasons for wanting you to do so. So, try to use it as a chance to get some "forced rest".

I look forward to hearing how you've made out once you're well enough to get back online.

Be sure to have whoever is going with you take notes or even record what the doc says post-surgery if possible. With my doc, I asked permission to record and my husband literally recorded what he said.

The wait until the post-op appt to get the scoop can be terrible. So, try to get the info out of your doc while it's fresh in his/her mind.

Good luck! Take care!


Jenn said...


I think acupressure & Sea-Bands provide the same purpose.

Thanks again for all your guidance & support. It really helps!

I'm crossing my fingers that this prep will be better than last. Or at least not worse. I just started, so we shall see.

I will post as soon as I am well enough.

I already have the notebook ready for my husband to take notes!

Thanks so much Jeanne!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jen,

I will be thinking of you all day!!! Please have your hubby call me as soon as he can to let me know how things went and what the Dr. said. I am rooting for you Jendo!!! AND DR. #3!

Love Tracy

Elodie said...

I,m thinking of you sweetheart !
Much love.

Jenn said...

Thanks Tracy!! It's so nice to have you in my corner. :)

Yay for Dr #3!

I'll make sure you are on the hubby's list (so he can share the good news with you!)

Thank you friendo!

Jenn said...

Thanks so much Elodie! I really appreciate it. :)

ficwriter said...

Hey, Jenny. Just wanted to send my love and let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you. If I don't hear from you tomorrow I'm going to send you a box of Miralax, Ducolax, and blue Gatorade. Then I'm going to make you do the prep all over again. Kidding, of course, but I just need to hear that you are okay. I love you. Aunt D