Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a beautiful, sunshiny day out there. I wish I felt better so I could go for an around-the-lake hike. But I don't, so I'm enjoying the sun on my porch instead.

I discovered some new music in my mailbox yesterday, sent to me by my sweet friend. This is one of the songs. It's so perfect for today & it is making me smile! Xave is my fave!! Hope you enjoy it too.


Jeanne said...


I like the beat and I love the way you focus on the positive.


Jenn said...

Thanks Jeanne!

I'm happy you liked the song! Xavier Rudd is one of my favorite artists, his music is uplifting & fun. And he plays an amazing didgeridoo!

After falling in love with his music, I actually bought my own didge. I haven't learned to play it yet, but plan to pick it back up when I'm feeling better.

Interestingly, I have read it can be beneficial for people with sleep apnea to play them. It's another drug-free alternative I've discovered. So I'm hoping my husband will try it too.

I also just bought tickets to his show this summer, so that is something positive & exciting to look forward to! I love & recommend all of his albums.