Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm getting in the Christmas spirit.  It snowed all night here & it's still coming down in beautiful, fluffy flakes.

 my happy dog

My sister emailed me photos of my adorable niece & nephew playing in the snow (in North Carolina!).

I listened to my fave Christmas albums as I cooked a yummy breakfast for my fam this morning.  I thought I'd share some Christmas cheer with my friendos.

My thoughtful son gave me the album, This Warm December, as a Christmas gift a couple years ago.  Jack Johnson & G. Love are high on my all-time-favorite-musicians list.  The compilation features fun versions of Christmas classics & new songs from various artists.  I particularly like Jack Johnson's updated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Click here to find more information.  They donate 25% of the profits to support children's music education.  Awesome bonus!
I'm looking forward to Vol. 2

James Taylor is high on my list too.  His lyrical voice exudes an innate sweetness.  I received this album a few years ago as a gift from my friendo.  I can (& do) listen to it over & over & over.  I love singing along with JT.  This album has become part of our Christmas morning tradition.  You can find it on his website here.
James Taylor at Christmas
The album was originally a limited edition released through Hallmark.  This is the one I have, but it looks like you can't purchase it anymore.  Luckily, he released the above version & it is available to buy.
A Christmas Album
The albums are slightly different, but mostly contain the same lovely songs.  

New Orleans Christmas is a compilation from Putumayo.  They celebrate music from around the world with countless choices of exciting albums.  They also have a variety of holiday albums.  As you might expect, the tunes on this album are peppy numbers that make you wanna shake around & dance.  You can find it here.
It's Christmas time in New Orleans

What are your favorite Christmas albums, friendos?