Thursday, January 27, 2011

I admit it. The theme song from The Jetsons played in my head while my gynecologist first discussed robotic surgery.

Rosie the Surgeon?

Wait, what? How can a robot perform surgery? I shook the tune from my head and listened to my gynecologist explain the procedure. Suddenly, it clicked. The robot twists and moves with precision in ways a human simply cannot. The high-definition 3D camera sharpens the surgeon's vision with superb clarity. The robot isn't at the controls; the surgeon controls the robot. Genius.

I was "introduced" to da Vinci at the conference two weeks ago. I choked back the lump in my throat as I approached the machine. The anesthesia blocked any memory of the operating room, so it was like seeing the robot for the first time. The victorious robot, my hero.

The rep offered to conduct a simulation. I perched before the powerful machine. My fingers spun the controls, the robot copied my movement. I grasped a rubber band with the robot fingers and lifted it with ease. Success!

I imagined myself on the operating table--underneath the dexterous robotic hands--surrounded by a focused surgical team. Gratitude washed over me.

My robot encounter was an unexpected highlight of my trip. Nice to meet you, my robot friendo. Thanks for being awesome.

I suppose that makes me, "Jane, his wife!"