Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The unemployment hearing went well, as far as I could tell.  Their stated reason for the appeal was that my termination was just.  As the appellant, they had the burden of proof.  In other words, they had to prove they didn't fire a sick person recovering from surgery.  The unemployment representative was only interested in whether or not I was too ill to work at the time they claimed I "voluntarily abandoned" my position.  With the medical documentation from my physician, there is no question.  The damn company knows this, but they keep fighting it anyway.

The head of HR was the representative of the company.  He asked her if she had received the documentation from my doctor stating I was unable to work due to a bona fide illness.  She had to reply yes, because I have proof of it.  Knowing this was the only relevant fact in the case, she then made the most infuriating comment.  She stuttered, then stated they actually doubted my condition was a bona fide illness, since I had to push back my return date more than once.  It was the most insulting comment ever made about me.  I was livid, but kept my cool & allowed her to finish her (despicable) statement.  Then I explained my surgery cancellation & severity of my condition. according to them, my condition isn't real because my surgery was canceled.  I can't find any logic in this accusation.  Can you?

She proceeded to spew lies, this time about my husband.  She claimed he told her I did not intend to ever return to work.  In reality, he called her to discuss alternatives to firing me, so I could return to work as soon as I was able.  The unemployment rep quickly shot this down.  Since she hadn't spoken to me directly, the conversation was irrelevant & inadmissible.  He questioned whether she had asked to speak to me during their conversation & she again tripped over her words, lied & said she believed she had.  He quickly stated it was unnecessary to speak to my husband as a witness, indicating her main piece of "evidence" was already determined to be bunk.  I explained I would have been able to return to work just nine days after they fired me, but I wasn't given the chance. (Zinger!)

When it was my opportunity to ask her questions, I contemplated asking her how she sleeps at night.  But since her lack of conscious was irrelevant to the case, I refrained & stated I didn't have any questions.  When it was her chance to ask me questions, she began to stammer out a snarky question, thought better of it, & said she had no questions.  He informed us he would review the case & a decision would be made as to whether I qualify for benefits.

I was so angry when I hung up the phone.  I expected the dishonesty, but I never thought I'd have to defend my debilitating illness as real.  I blurted out the details of the call to my husband.  He reassured me (several times) that I had done well.  It took some time for me to calm down & stop replaying the hearing in my head.  Then I consciously refused to let their lies upset me any further.  I met my family for a lovely lunch, vented & let it all out with a deep breath.

Now we just have to wait for the decision to arrive in the mail...

hoping to receive this stamp of approval