Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I just celebrated my first blogiversary! I can't believe an entire year has passed. Thanks to my awesome friendo Alanna for sharing the blogiversary celebration idea. You can read Alanna's post here, who was inspired by her friend Kass.

I created my blog in the midst of the most difficult period of my life. I felt scared, isolated and overwhelmed as I suffered in terrible pain each day. I overcame my fear of entering the blogosphere and decided to share my story. I reluctantly reached out to the world to discuss the personal topic of my health. I didn't know if anyone would ever read my words. I was unaware of how many other women were blogging about their lives with endometriosis and other chronic illnesses.

I never could have guessed the blessings I would receive from writing my blog. I have met wonderful friendos. We share our triumphs and tribulations as we navigate our complicated journeys with an incurable disease. My friendos help me remain positive, humorous and hopeful. I am inspired by their support and understanding. 

A whole year has come and gone filled with varying emotions, circumstances and issues. I can look back on it now with a new perspective. My posts, like a rear view mirror, reflect a year's worth of my reality: the pain, miracles, despair and elation. My blog helped me realize I want to write a book, a memoir, about my life with endo.

A year later, I haven't run out of topics or ideas. What a lovely surprise. I'm excited to see what the next year will bring!

If only I could figure out how to share cupcakes on my blog...