Monday, March 28, 2011

March has flown by and Endometriosis Awareness Month is almost over. I've been thinking about all of my endo struggles. I never could have made it through my worst times without my loved ones. It's difficult to watch someone you love suffer in constant pain. I recognized their feelings of helplessness and worry. Today I want to share one of the stories of support I received from my family.

When I was very ill, I spent every minute in my home. It was impossible for me to handle everyday tasks. I was nauseous and doubled over in pain, not an ideal scenario for toilet scrubbing or vacuuming. When you're at home all day, you're forced to constantly interact with the filth and clutter. You have to look at it, walk by it, shuffle it around and dig through it. You are constantly reminded you aren't well enough to complete the simplest of tasks. I felt worthless and guilty.

During this time, my aunt gave me the most thoughtful gift. She arranged for Merry Maids to deep clean my entire house. Professionals had never cleaned my home. The idea thrilled me.

Before their arrival, my family sorted our junk and put away the clutter. People joke about cleaning before your cleaning crew arrives, but you really do need to declutter so they can thoroughly clean.

I don't know about merry, but the maids were nice and sweet. I was very merry though! My house had never been so clean. Every surfaced sparkled. They cleaned behind my fridge and furniture. They polished my ceiling fans. The windows and mirrors were spotless and the sinks shined. We could have eaten off the floors.

I rejoiced in the cleanliness of each space.

After the deep cleaning, it was much easier for us to keep our home tidy. My feelings of guilt diminished. I felt at peace and comforted in my home.

I was so grateful for my aunt's sweet gift. My clean house sincerely renewed my body, spirit and mind.

If you're looking for a way to help a sick loved one, helping her achieve a clean house is priceless.