Friday, May 21, 2010

GladRags are my other favorite alternative menstrual product. And I am equally excited about them! They are absorbent & convenient. I have owned mine for years & month after month they continue to provide superior protection. I have even used my GladRags after surgery for heavy bleeding & they worked well. There are different sizes to choose from, I recommend getting a few of each size for all of your flow needs.

GladRags are comprised of holders & inserts. Depending on the size, the inserts either slide into or fit inside the holder. On heavier days I use two inserts, on medium days I use one insert & on lighter days I don't need the inserts at all. The holder (with or without inserts) simply snaps around your underwear, forming protective wings. It's that easy.

You just throw them in the washing machine & they come out fresh, clean & ready to use again. They recommend soaking them before washing, but sometimes I only have to rinse them off before washing.

They are available in flannel cotton & organic cotton. Some sizes have a layer of terry cloth between the outer cotton, for increased absorbency. I have both kinds & they are both awesome.

My GladRags are incredibly & surprisingly comfortable. Especially compared to commercial pads. Wearing commercial pads used to make me cringe & I avoided using them as much as possible. Now I happily wear my GladRags during every period & use them in conjunction with my Keeper for all of my menstrual needs.

If you are interested in checking them out, you can find their website here. When I made my first purchase, I bought one of the kits & it came with a discreet carrying bag. It is divided into two sections, so you can keep your clean & used rags separate.

There are other brands of reusable pads (some made of other materials) out there. I've heard of Lunapads. Upon googling, I just discovered Moonpads on etsy & ones called Fussy Butt on Mama Cloth Online. I even found instructions for making your own reusable pads. It actually seems pretty simple...I might even be able to do it!

Someday I'm going have to calculate how much money I have saved over the last seven years. 

For me, it has been win-win-win-win. They are comfortable, effective, save money & help the environment. I sure am glad I found them!


Amanda said...

Hi, just popping by to say hello thanks to Jeanne's suggestion and I'm trying to remember if I came by before or not (you somehow seem familiar!!) Anyway... haven't got much time to write comments on your posts I've read so far but wanted to say thank you for sharing all this and I will pop by more regularly from now on to catch up xx

Jenn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Amanda! I'm so happy you did. I look forward to chatting with you. :)

Take care,