Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My first day home after my amazing vacation, I started to feel the burning symptoms of a yeast infection. Nothing like a yeast invasion to burst your bubble, huh? Wow, did my soaring bubble deflate fast.

This is the fourth occurrence ever for me. I count myself lucky, considering how many women suffer repeat infections. I have a friendo who is her mid-30s who has never had one. Most women are shocked when she states this fact, as they cringe at the memory of theirs.

That first morning, I started out with a homeopathic remedy, including vaginal suppositories & external cream. I tried this for three days. Though it was a seven day supply, by the third day, I was losing my mind & had to try something else (anything else!). So I bought a one-day Monistat pack, including wipes, external cream & suppository. The external cream exacerbated the itchy (my crotch is on fire!) torture. I had to resign to seeing a doctor. But since it was Sunday, I would have to wait one more day. (aahhh!).

My friendo (the never-had-a-yeast-infection and fellow EndoSister) had called me on Saturday to ask if I wanted to hike with her Sunday morning. I revealed my inconvenient, unbearable situation & told her that my vagina may not want to cooperate with her plan. She quickly responded, "well...you tell your vagina that it has ruled this roost for too long & it's time for her to be nice or you are going to start using tampons again." I laughed so hard I thought I'd stop breathing. And Sunday morning, despite the pain, I sucked it up & took a hike with her. I spent that night tossing in agitation, barely sleeping at all.

In the morning, my condition was much worse. My husband called from work to relay some information about banking or bills or something important to me & I had to stop him mid-sentence & say, "Baby, I'm not going to remember anything you are saying. All my brain can think about is how horrific my vaj feels right now. Let's talk about this later, ok?" He was sweet & tried to empathize. Feeling sorry for myself, I spouted something about how I was being punished for having so much fun last week & my loud declaration (& blog post) about how terrific I was feeling. I thanked him & quickly hung up the phone, sparing him anymore of my ranting.

As fate would have it, I then listened to my cell messages & discovered I had a long-ago-scheduled appointment for today (Monday) with my previous OBGYN, that I had totally forgotten about. It feels like a lifetime has occurred since the last time I saw this doctor. She's the one who referred me to dr #2 for my endometriosis. I had been thinking about the importance of contacting this doctor to explain that dr #2 should not be receiving referrals as an endo surgeon/specialist, based on my experiences. And more importantly, who she should/could be sending patients to see for help. The opportunity presented itself to have this conversation, courtesy of my wicked yeast infection. So I took it.

The doctor listened to the abbreviated version of the last nine months of my endo story. (As my brain shouted, vagina is burning!!! Make it stop!) She expressed empathy through it all. I raved about my new doctor (dr #3) & his knowledge & skills as an endo surgeon. I hope & pray she remembers my story the next time she needs to make a referral for a case like mine.

Hence, even my yeast infection has a silver lining.

I suffered through the brief (felt-like-hours) exam. The last thing my vagina wanted was to be poked & prodded. This is always true, but especially in this irritated state. She decided it was safe to say it was a yeast infection & prescribed an oral dose of Diflucan. I had never taken a pill to treat my previous ones, so this was a surprise. I kicked myself for waiting four days to get checked out & find relief.

Twelve hours after taking the one Diflucan (aka Fluconazole) pill, I was already feeling somewhat better. I can actually think about something besides a scorching vagina. So I feel like I'm heading in the right direction on the (yellow brick) road to recovery.

Ding dong, can't wait till this wicked itch is dead!


Jeanne said...


First, let me tell you that this blog post title may be the funniest one I've ever seen!

I cannot tell you how hard I laughed when I first saw it. I have wanted to pop over here and comment ever since I first read your post but the last few days have been out of control... and I wanted to leave a comment that would do this justice!

Obviously I'm sorry that your most awesome vacation had to be immediately followed by your "Wicked Itch of the Yeast" infection. :( That would deflate anybody's bubble fast!

I have lost count of how many yeast infections I've had. It has been awhile (thank goodness!) since I've had one but when I get them, they are WICKED. (I swear I would have used that choice of words even if your post title didn't have "wicked" in it). It's a good word for it!

There's no way to fully comprehend a yeast infection for those that have never had one… and some are much worse than others.

One of mine came on so suddenly that it threw my very experienced doctor for a loop.

I won't frighten your readers with the extreme end of the spectrum that they don't tell you about on the commercials for OTC treatments for yeast infections.

Let's just say my GYN (who is very kind) who has practiced for over 25 years looked shocked at my (one day old) yeast infection and asked politely why I didn't call to get in sooner. lol

When I explained to him that it had just started the night before and I called his office as soon as it opened, he looked a bit taken aback by how severe it was. He seemed very surprised at just how much had happened in less than 24 hours.

Over the counter creams are no match for some yeast infections. I'm so sorry for your pain. It is so itchy and hurts so much! Well, you didn't expect it to happen during the week, did you? lol

Oh my gosh. I'm glad you have a friend that can give you a good belly laugh. We all need friends like that. Holy cow... I think hiking is one of the last things I would want to do at that point. I hope it didn't make the pain worse.

Sometimes, pain reaches a point where it really is difficult to concentrate on things. I'm not sure many people know just how extreme yeast infections can get. Not all of them are created equal and the really bad ones hurt so, so bad.

This will have to conclude the first part of my comment. Due to Blogger having a character limit on blog comments and me having diarrhea of the mouth, I’ll have to split my comment in 2 parts.


To be continued.............

Jeanne said...


Off we go for Part 2 of my comment that Blogger just didn't want to let me post. lol

Nothing can take away your fun time flying. You own that happy experience forever. Don't let any Wicked Itch wreck the memory for you.

I know that you know that you're not being punished for having fun. (Even if it did feel that way for a moment). ;)

It sounds like that appointment was meant to be! It was already scheduled for Monday... Perfect! To have it serve the dual purpose of giving you the opportunity of filling her in (in person) about the reasons why it is not a good idea to refer endo patients to that doctor who was so terrible is awesome!

I'm so glad you got in to get some much-needed relief. Yay!

GOOD FOR YOU for filling her in about that horrible doctor. You may well be sparing future endo patients of hers from getting referred there like you did.

(That's a very interesting message your brain was sending you while you tried to hold an intelligible conversation with the doctor). lol

I have every confidence that she'll remember what you told her when she goes to refer other endo patients on to someone else. You are well-informed, passionate, and articulate about endo. You're also detail-oriented and I'm sure you explained with flying colors what was wrong with Dr. #2 and what was right with Dr. #3.

That is a great silver lining!

That one little pill really packs a punch, doesn't it?

I hope by now you're well on your way on the (yellow brick) road to recovery!

I hope that maybe, by now, it's possible that the wicked itch is dead!!!


This concludes the multi-part blog comment series to Jenn's post "Wicked Itch of the Yeast". If you're new here, yes, Jenn is always this hilarious. So, do stop back. I know I will. lol

P.S. You are TOO funny! You crack me up. I swear your sense of humor is a fantastic coping mechanism and others can learn from you that negative situations can be just plain MISERABLE... or they can be MISERABLE but ALSO an opportunity to use humor to deal with things. You are so FUNNY!!

Jenn said...

Thank you Jeanne! So happy it gave you a good laugh!!

And thanks for your two part comment, sorry blogger made it a pain but I'm so happy both parts came through.

I hope you never have another wicked infection again!

I am so happy to have had the chance to speak to the doctor face to face about her referral. I pray that I save any other patients having to learn the hard way like I did. I never would've gotten so bad if I would have originally been referred to my new doctor...

It makes me grin from ear to ear to know that you I am accomplishing humor through it all. I am so happy that you appreciate my humor! I'm glad I found the Courage (like the cowardly lion) to blog about this sensitive topic. :) Friendos like you encourage me so much.

Thanks for your comments! I am feeling so much better already.

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KD said...

You poor thing! Those infections are a nightmare! Diflucan is awesome!!! I hope you're all better now! :)

Jenn said...

Thanks KD!

I am feeling sooooo much better! Diflucan is AWESOME!