Saturday, September 4, 2010


My hot flashes are still coming on strong. I experience them all throughout the day & night. They are so bizarre. One second, everything is second, I'm on fire. The heat radiates from the inside of my body & my skin pricks out (zillions of) tiny sweat beads. My forehead instanteously creates a puddle. I pant because I feel like I can't breathe. 

I've got thick hair & it was driving my neck crazy during these episodes. The day I decided that my hair needed to go, I was ready to just shave my head. If I could have found some clippers before that hot flash faded, I'd likely be writing about my bald head right now. I was ecstatic when I was able to get a hair appointment that day. (Thanks Amy!). I've almost always had long or longish hair. I gotta tell you, I am loving my short, sassy locks! And my neck is sooooo grateful.


Jeanne said...


I've had (medication induced/in my 20s) hot flashes before. NOT FUN!

Good for you for getting a short and sassy 'do to help you cope.


Jenn said...

It really isn't fun! Thank you Jeanne.

It's funny, since I've been out & about again, several of my friends have also cut their hair short recently, without knowing about each other doing it. I should start a spunky short-do club. :)