Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If you are reading this, then I am beyond ecstatic you are reading my first ever blog post! Wow.

I am seeking any way I can imagine to live with Endometriosis in positive energy, hope & light. And with silly, sarcastic humor. Mostly, I don't want to stop laughing every day. Not ever, for any reason.

Since you are so nice to stop by & read my (carefully or not-so-carefully chosen) words, I hope I can repay you, my old or new Friend, with some variety of a laugh, giggle, or chuckle. If your laugh happens to uncontrollably morph into a snort, well, then I'm gonna call that a fantastic day!

But realistically there are going to be days that, despite my best efforts, this shit is just not funny. So I will also share knowledge, facts, links, resources, truths & stories. Really anything helpful I can get my eyes or hands on. I hope you will follow my blog & share your comments & wisdom. And sometimes leave me with a giggle-turned-snort of my own.

Too many women suffer with numerous, sometimes debilitating & crazy-scary, symptoms of this disease. I plan & pray to see the day we find a cure & are forever Done with Endo. But I am smart enough to know I can't do it alone, we have to ban together as one to End Endo.

Thanks for your time, I hope you come back.

Your Friendo in Endo
Jenn (since it rhymes, I will also answer to Jenndo)


Jenn said...

Checking to see if I can post comments. If you see this, then yay, I can!

Jeanne said...


I am famous for laughing so hard that I snort. Now that I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, I blame the snort noise on that flap in my throat. ;)

True, some days are not funny. I highly urge you to watch the recent Ted.com video by Aimee Mullins on my blog. It's excellent and I think you'll appreciate it, based on what you've said.

There are wonderful sources of info on endometriosis online and there are some that are... (BIG SIGH) not so wonderful. In time, it will get easier and easier to tell the difference between the good info and the not-so-good.

Some sources of info appear on the surface to be legit when they are actually spreading misinformation. So, just be aware of that as you are looking through sites.

New bloggers are sometimes targeted by unscrupulous organizations. So, be careful. (I'd be happy to give you more info offline on that).

I'll see if I can make you snort-laugh. ;)

A cure is definitely the ultimate goal. While some promise false cure for endo as we speak, there is no cure at this time. Yes, joining together with fellow patients is important.

See you later Endo Friendo!


P.S. There is already a blogger whose blog is called Jendometriosis. I just wanted to let you know to alleviate any confusion.

Jenn said...

Hi Jeanne,

My husband was just diagnosed with sleep apnea, so we have something else in common.

I will definitely check out that video. I have just begun sifting through the (good and not-so-good) info.

I would greatly appreciate your advice offline regarding being targeted, I qualify as a naive blogger.

I found Jendometriosis today too, through the Top 28 link.

Thank you for being my new Endo Friendo Jeanne!