Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So many decisions! I am left guessing & hoping that I am making the best ones. I have been looking for a doctor who is experienced in treating severe cases of endometriosis. But guess what? There really aren't Endometriosis Specialists. How is this possible, when so many women suffer from this disease? This is crazy! If I am having issues with my foot for example, all I have to do is look in my provider directory, and wahlah, a list for podiatry. When it comes to endo, you have to roll the dice and hope the OB/GYN you find has the necessary knowledge and experience to treat you correctly. I desperately need a new doctor who will help me.

The first OB/GYN who diagnosed my endo did not have this experience. She performed a laparoscopy to remove an ovarian cyst, and she found the extensive endo. She did not remove the cyst or any of the endo, she did absolutely nothing. She quickly told my husband in the waiting room that I was a mess inside and that she couldn't do anything to help me. How terrible is that?! The sad thing is, I have since had two people recommend her as a good doctor for endo. And one of them was a doctor! Luckily I already know better. But what about the women who don't?

I have been reaching out to other friends with endo and asking for recommendations. I have it narrowed down to two possibilities. A doctor in Akron who helped my friend who had similar issues. Or the Cleveland Clinic doctor who is the expert in endo related surgery, discovered by another friend who works there. I am praying that one of them will help end my pain and suffering. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And checking one decision off of my list.