Monday, February 7, 2011

I am making some healthy lifestyle changes. As I promised myself in my latest food journal entry, I am restarting my wheat- and gluten-free nutrition plan today. If you are interested in my progress, be sure to check my food journal page for updates. As part of my plan, I am giving up coffee and pop. This is an enormous hurdle for me but I am ready to give it a serious try.

I also need to implement an exercise plan into my daily life. I recently purchased a DVD called T'ai Chi Daily Practice with David-Dorian Ross & Daisy Lee Garripoll. I tried the routine for the first time this morning. I felt like a buffoon trying to follow along. It is difficult for me to learn new leg and arm movements simultaneously. However, I am choosing to be patient and kind to myself. After all, it would be challenging for most beginners. I have been intrigued with T'ai Chi for a long time, so I am excited to learn more about it. Though I felt somewhat awkward and uncoordinated, I also felt calm and focused.

This year I have increased my commitment to my writing life and I am seeing positive results. However, I am anchored to my chair or couch for several hours a day. My mind goes on exciting adventures, but my body remains grounded. I have horrendous posture and tend to hunch over my notebook or computer. My lower back suffers the consequences. I think the T'ai Chi practice will be a perfect solution to improve my posture and get active. Then I can focus on my writing with a clear, calm head.


I need to do everything in my power to minimize my Endometriosis symptoms. I refuse to believe I am completely helpless against my disease.

I will continue to blog about the challenges and triumphs of my plan. What healthy lifestyle changes have been successful for you?